Reviva Mais Cultura

Information and interactive design for budget transparency.

This project was one of the efforts of the Ministry of Culture in Brazil to provide budget transparency over grants allocated to cultural initiatives in the country. During this project, I worked as user researcher, conducting interviews to understand the needs of both the government and related agencies’ stakeholders; contributed to the organization of the set of data gathered in the institution; and designed the information architecture and user interface of the system.

The result was an interactive data visualization tool that displayed the investments made by the federal government in cultural sectors such as cinema, theatre, library and art gallery in each of the 5570 Brazilian municipalities. The data could also be visualized by state, region and territory. Finally, users could have access to details of the investments on specific institutions, and see how these venues claim to have used the grants.


Visual dashboard
Data visualization

/ User experience design
/ Information architecture
/ Graphic user interface

at Partec [TangerinaLab], 2010